Importance of Keeping Solar Panels Clean

Not looking after or maintaining your solar panels can cause them not to work as effectively. Just like your windows, solar panels gather dirt, dust and pollution overtime, so they should regularly be cleaned in order to gain the maximum benefits. Solar panels are a big investment so below are tips on how you should […]

Benefits of Using Solar Panels

The best source of light available is from the sun. Devices such as solar panels convert the sun light into electricity, therefore this is a great way of saving on your bills and being environmentally friendly, due to reducing your carbon footprint. There are many different options for solar power such as, solar thermal hot […]

Planning to clean your own windows? These 6 important tips can help you stay safe

Window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Just because you’ve got a tall enough ladder and a head for heights, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do the job safely. Professional window cleaners know how to stay safe and minimise risk while cleaning at height, so for the relatively affordable cost of employing them […]

What does a dirty shop sign say about your business?

Has it been years since you had your shop sign cleaned? It’s very likely that your sign is looking very worse-for-wear, but you’ve simply stopped seeing it. You may even have forgotten what the original sign looked like, perhaps it even used to be a different colour but is now altered by the dirt and […]

Squeegee vs. newspaper – which is the best way to polish your windows?

If you clean your windows yourself, you’re likely to have tried many different options for cleaning, drying and polishing over the years. Everyone has their own methods, especially when it comes to those finishing touches. But which is best for getting a good shine, traditional newspapers or a squeegee? Here are some points to consider… […]

5 window cleaning tips from the pros

If you want to speed up the task of cleaning the windows and do a more professional job, there are certain tips and tricks you need to know. Here are just 5 of the most useful: Only clean windows on cloudy days. You’d think that glorious sunshine is the perfect weather for washing windows, but […]

6 Things you’ll need for Window Cleaning

Window cleaning isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, on the other hand, it’s not nearly as hard as some make it out to be. Some expect window cleaners to have to work with ridiculously large and dangerous power-tools to correctly wash and polish windows. However, this is not at all the case, and a […]

When and how to clean your solar panels

Solar panels require very little maintenance in order to provide your home or business with green energy. However, some do need a little TLC every now and again. Here’s all you need to know about when and how to clean your solar panels… The right time to think about cleaning Most solar panels used in […]

How gutter cleaning could save you hundreds of pounds

It doesn’t cost very much money to get your gutters cleaned, nor is it a complicated or time-consuming job. However, ensuring that it is done regularly could save you hundreds of pounds. Damage caused by blocked gutters The gutters and drainpipes on your property are designed to funnel rainwater falling on the roof down into […]